China Focus – May 2018

China to overhaul government institutions

China announced a sweeping restructuring of its government institutions at the ‘Two Sessions’ meetings – the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) – in Beijing in March.

The changes, which are mainly aimed at streamlining bureaucracy and centralising power, amounted to China’s most significant institutional reform in years. It will cut the total number of ministerial-level entities by eight and vice-ministerial-level entities by seven, while creating seven new ministries and a number of new agencies.

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New rules for withholding tax on non-resident enterprises

Congratulations, you have just sold your product on the China market directly from your home country. Now what? Are you required to pay tax in China and how do you ensure that you remain tax-compliant in China?

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Exporting foods to China – the opportunities and the challenges

Having recently joined a trade fair attended by foreign food companies seeking to gain a foothold in the China market, it would seem a good time to provide an overview of the various options, opportunities and challenges facing foreign food producers.

China represents a huge market opportunity. Its burgeoning, and increasingly sophisticated, middle class has developed an insatiable appetite for foreign foodstuffs, which a plethora of domestic food scandals has only served to drive further.

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