China Focus – September 2017

The Sovereign China Market Entry Handbook 2017 is now available to download here

Each year Sovereign China publishes a Market Entry Handbook to provide clients with a basic understanding of the China entry process. The handbook includes: China Overview, Establishing a Legal Entity in China, Taxation of Foreign Invested Enterprises in China, Employing Personnel in China, Individual Income Tax (IIT) in China and Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) in China.

Additionally, we include several business cases to provide real examples and illustrate key points.

China halts Initial Coin Offerings

The People’s Bank of China issued a statement on 4 September 2017 declaring initial coin offerings (ICOs) illegal and that all related fundraising activity should “cease immediately”. As part of the ban, Chinese authorities have also called on individuals and organisations to refund investors for any amount raised through ICOs.

The move is aimed at protecting investors and “dealing with the risks properly”, said a joint statement from the People’s Bank of China, securities and banking regulators and other government departments issued on Monday. To read more click here.

Employee termination in China

Employment is one of the main challenges when it comes to setting up business in China. Hiring the right personnel can often be the difference between success and failure as employee terminations in China can be a minefield. To read more click here.

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