Podcast: Successfully Doing Business In China Part #1- IP Protection, Trademarks & The Basics

Globig – Sep 18, 2017

Globig’s guest is Robbert Gorris from Sovereign China Limited.

Originally from the Netherlands, Robbert did his masters thesis in Taipei and ended up working for the Netherlands Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Beijing (BenCham). During his time with BenCham, he was involved in many business delegations visiting China from a diverse range of industries. Robbert now shares his expertise in China for the past 8 years and helps companies expand into China for Sovereign China.

With offices in worldwide, Sovereign China accelerates international clients’ ability to understand and operate in the China market. They’ve successfully assisted more than 600 companies from over 50 countries with their China market entry.

This podcast discussion is focused on the following topics:

  1. Some of the key trends that matter for China and are important for companies thinking of expanding there
  2. Is China right for all companies? What are some characteristics that make it more likely for a company to be successful in China?
  3. China is so vast and it would be foolish to think of it as one market. Certain regions are best suited for specific industries
  4. Tips for how companies can protect their IP in China
  5. Contracts setup and enforcement to protect IP
  6. China is a first to register nation for trademarks, learn about the process for trademarking and how long does it take to set up trademark registration


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