Market Research & Consulting

Sovereign China equips its clients with the local knowledge they need to understand their market opportunities in China. It provides actionable go-to-market strategies that allow them to penetrate further than just their global-tier customers.

Foreign investors often mistakenly believe that economic development is symmetrical and emerging markets are following a well-worn path that developed nations have already charted. Meanwhile, local competitors exploit their deep understanding of the domestic market to build businesses that outperform their global competitors. Developing and maintaining an understanding of your market is essential to both successful market launches and growth initiatives in China.

Our team has first-class consulting experience gained at top international consulting firms, coupled with extensive local market knowledge and business networks. This enables us to help clients grasp the complexities and nuances of China’s many markets. Each project is customised to your specific needs and objectives – there are no pre-packaged solutions – to help you develop optimal strategies for your entry and growth in the China market.

Key consulting services include:

  • Market research and intelligence
  • Market assessment
  • Regulatory environment analysis
  • Partner Search / Matchmaking / Due Diligence
  • Entry strategy consulting
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Location analysis
  • Market research and analysis
  • Management C=consulting
  • Consumer / Customer Surveys

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Corporate Formation

Sovereign China works with clients who are focused on establishing a long-term sustainable presence within the market. We provide our clients with the depth and breadth of knowledge required to ensure that they can avoid the pitfalls of setting up in China, expediting their time to market while avoiding costly mistakes.

Sovereign China has extensive experience with the entire spectrum of business entities in China, from Representative Offices to more complex Foreign Invested Enterprises such as Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOEs) and Joint Ventures (JVs). We have worked with hundreds of clients in virtually every industry sector including: Logistics, Trading and Distribution, ICT-Internet, Automotive, Aerospace and Marine, Industrial and Manufacturing and Financial Services.

Our consultants have developed an extensive network of local connections to expedite business registration projects and to negotiate for favourable incentives for large Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects.

Registering a foreign company in China is complex because it involves approval from multiple local authorities and bureaux. Our extensive network of local government bureaux contacts, knowledge of local regulations and the experience gained from hundreds of Previous projects can help you accelerate your entry and growth in China.

Key corporate formation services include:

  • Investment planning
  • Location search and selection
  • Company registration (WFOE, FICE, JV’s and RO’s)
  • Special licence applications
  • HR, financial and business environment advisory
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Government relations building
  • Preferential policies negotiation

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Accounting & Payroll

From a full back-office outsourcing solution to standard tax and regulatory compliance assistance, Sovereign provides its clients with the resources and expertise they require in order to achieve long-term success in China.

Operating a company requires detailed attention to financial management and internal controls. This responsibility is particularly onerous in China due to local administrative requirements and the different standards applied to local and foreign-owned enterprises. While maintaining accounting documents to China’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and tax regulations is essential, so too is maintaining the company’s relationship with its appointed tax official, who possesses considerable discretion when it comes to interpreting the regulations governing a company’s tax obligations

Sovereign assists clients to maintain a good working relationship with local tax authorities and to ensure that all accounting documents and records are fully compliant by providing a dedicated team of bilingual accountants that is experienced in meeting both international standards and local requirements.

Key accounting services include:

  • Initial set-up services
  • General VAT taxpayer status application
  • Accounting, tax and regulatory compliance
  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Payroll and HR outsourcing management
  • Group financial reporting
  • Payment processing and corporate secretarial services
  • Invoice management services
  • Export VAT rebate processing
  • Advisory services including, financial planning, tax planning and internal auditing

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Get in Touch

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