RegisterAnAircraft.com (RANA) is the aviation division of Sovereign. Combining the experience acquired over 30 years in the field of aircraft registration and offshore company management, Gibraltar-based RANA offers a complete range of professional and highly tailored services to aircraft owners and operators worldwide.

Aircraft can be registered in the name of the owner, but registering an aircraft in the name of a company or special purpose vehicle (SPV) can provide a number of distinct advantages. Access to corporate limited liability and enhanced levels of confidentiality may be the most immediate, but a company structure also offers significant potential benefits in respect of inheritance tax and succession issues, as well as reducing transfer fees in any future sale of the asset.

RANA’s services are primarily tailored to private clients with corporate jets, turboprops or helicopters but we can also assist commercial passenger and freight operators as well as general aviation entities and fliers.

All such corporate structures must comply with the current legislation in the home country of the beneficial owner and with international standards. With over 30 years experience in the field, Sovereign is well placed to advise on these issues.

Whether a client is purchasing a new or a used aircraft, or simply re-registering an existing aviation asset, RANA will liaise with aircraft manufacturers, brokers, technical specialists and registries.

RANA is able to advise on the most appropriate registry for your aircraft. Key considerations will be the proposed use and operating base of the aircraft, the cost of registration, customer service and ease of process, geographical location and language.

In addition to its comprehensive knowledge base, RANA has developed good contacts with aircraft registries in Europe, the Caribbean, the US and elsewhere. Once an aircraft has been registered, RANA can further assist with ongoing liaison with aircraft registries, technical representatives and aircraft managers with particular reference to annual inspections and certifications.

Our offering to clients who operate, or who are looking to acquire, aviation assets covers six clearly defined services, which together add value at each stage of the ownership chain or can be provided on an one-off basis to fulfill a particular requirement:

Worldwide aircraft registration
Ownership structures
Aviation insurance
Aircraft finance
Aviation consultancy and photography
Taxation and crew-related services

For clients looking to purchase corporate aircraft, RANA will undertake an initial assessment of the requirements – including current flying and the intended operating model (using the aircraft solely for private/corporate use or for charter when not required). Based on the findings of this initial assessment, RANA will:

Identify suitable aircraft models in respect of passenger accommodation, typical range and the intended operating base;
Suggest other solutions if ownership is not practical or cost effective by exploiting links with aircraft charter brokers, providers of fractional ownership or hours-based flying programmes.

Our aviation consultancy covers the spectrum from general advice on commercial and corporate aircraft types through to researching available airframes for individual owners or airline operators. RANA has access to extensive worldwide databases and other sources of information and is able to recommend technical specialists to appraise used airframes. We can also recommend suitable managers for the aircraft in respect of both operations and ongoing technical support.

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