Geography and history have played a prominent role in shaping the Kingdom of Bahrain’s position as a major commercial centre. Its location in the heart of the Arabian Gulf gives it strategic access to both the European and Asian markets, providing entrepreneurs with the ideal springboard for meeting a wider customer base.
The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of islands, the largest being Bahrain Island, just off the western shores of the Arabian Gulf and connected to Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd Causeway. Capitalising on its history as a trading nation and to diversify its economy away from oil, Bahrain has sought to position itself as a regional services hub.
Bahrain gained full independence from the UK in 1971. The House of Khalifa is the royal family of Bahrain. Bahrain has a bicameral National Assembly (al-Jam’iyyah al-Watani) consisting of the Shura Council (Majlis Al-Shura) and the Council of Representatives (Majlis Al-Nuwab). Bahrain is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council of Arab States (GCC), Arab League and the United Nations.
The government has developed the transportation, communications and financial infrastructure necessary to attract and serve international business. Bahrain has a relatively liberal business environment and the government is keen to attract foreign investment. The primary aim of the government is to continue with industrial diversification with an emphasis on knowledge-based industries where service industries are considered to be the prime target.
The government is particularly eager to further develop tourism, healthcare, private education and financial services. In addition, Bahrain is recognised as a major banking and financial centre in the region, with a particular emphasis on investment and Islamic banking activities. Bahrain is also home to many large structures, including the Bahrain World Trade Center and the Bahrain Financial Harbour.


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