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Sovereign’s Private Client Services have been developed to assist families and entrepreneurs around the world to structure their assets in a way that will help to grow their wealth now and preserve it for future generations.

We advise on all aspects of the design and implementation of structures, using trusts, foundations, companies and funds, in domestic as well as overseas jurisdictions, to hold assets and investments for secure, efficient wealth and succession planning.

While some of our clients are based only in a single location, many are international families with assets and family members spread across different countries. Sovereign has broad experience in managing trusts and estates with complex structures involving assets and beneficiaries in multiple jurisdictions and dealing with the legal, tax and compliance issues that arise when the laws of several jurisdictions may apply.

We also provide the support to maximise opportunities and achieve long-term sustainability, from full family office solutions to assistance with tax and regulatory compliance.

This includes, but is not limited to, asset management, accountancy, foreign property ownership, retirement planning, residency, immigration and citizenship, insurance, yacht and aircraft registration and management, as well as specialist tax advice.

First and foremost Sovereign needs to understand your requirements, strategies and goals. We will never recommend a structure that will not be effective if scrutinised by regulators and tax authorities, either in foreign jurisdictions or in your home country. Sovereign provides progressive solutions that will work on both a practical and a legal basis to secure your personal objectives.

This website is intended to provide a general guide to our Private Client Services. We would always encourage prospective clients to contact their most convenient Sovereign office for an initial consultation.  Should you choose to proceed, we will provide accurate time and cost estimates before undertaking any work on your behalf.

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Confidentiality and Transparency

Generally, in all countries that follow English common law there is an implied duty for management companies, bankers and other professionals to keep their clients’ affairs confidential. In some countries this common law duty may be supplemented by local legislation that imposes criminal penalties on those who breach confidentiality or attempt to get others to do so.

Confidentiality, of course, is very different from secrecy. In the past two decades there have a number of international initiatives (listed below) that are designed to increase transparency. When fully implemented, these initiatives will see ‘secrecy’ disappear completely – but this will not concern structures and arrangements that are legally and fiscally compliant.

Legitimate planning that utilises compliant structures has always been and remains to be effective. Expert advice is essential, not just to ensure the correct planning but also to demonstrate that you have taken care to achieve legal and tax compliance. Anyone with concerns over their existing arrangements would be well advised to contact their nearest Sovereign office for review.

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