Sovereign Wealth was formed as a stand-alone, fully regulated asset manager in 2000 to provide services to Sovereign Group clients. Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, its goal is to help you grow your wealth, enjoy it and pass it on to future generations.

Sovereign Wealth’s role is to focus on leveraging the collective strength of its clients to access the very best banking services and investment opportunities – as well as to negotiate the lowest possible charges – on behalf of its clients.

Sovereign Wealth is independent. It is not tied to any bank or investment manager and is committed to delivering genuinely objective and impartial financial guidance, as well as enhanced levels of oversight and security.

Sovereign Wealth has developed relationships with a number of banks, investment managers and brokers, which enables clients to enjoy privileged access to many of the major names in wealth management.

Sovereign Wealth will undertake due diligence on behalf of its clients and will review performance and allocation to ensure that a client’s financial objectives are being met. Client funds are always lodged with universally recognised custodians with Sovereign Wealth providing a second level of oversight.

There are no additional fees. Sovereign Wealth will receive a share of the standard fees charged by banks, investment managers and brokers. In fact, wherever possible, it will ensure that clients receive discounts to the standard fees. To find out how to maximise the potential of your investment portfolio, contact Sovereign Wealth for an initial, no obligation, consultation.

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