Obtaining New Residencies and Citizenships

Sovereign is pleased to offer a new service to clients in order to facilitate a smooth transition in obtaining new residencies and citizenships. While countries who sell passports are often frowned upon the reality is that all countries try and encourage immigration by the wealthy by granting residency which leads to nationality – or nationality itself – in return for investment.

If you are considering a second residency or passport then there are factors worthy of consideration:

  • How much do you need to invest to get residency (if anything)
  • How long does it take before you are eligible for citizenship?
  • Do you have to remain in the new country for a certain minimum number of days in order to be eligible for citizenship?
  • Does your new country allow you to maintain your old citizenship or prohibit dual citizenship?
  • Does your old country allow you to keep your existing passport or does it prohibit dual citizenship?
  • Does the passport issued by your new country give you easy travel i.e. does it have arrangements with lots of other countries for visa free entry?
  • Are there any requirements for national service (joining the army)?
  • What are the costs of living including the tax rates and tax incidence?


Further details on select jurisdictions can be found on the links below:

United Kingdom
St Kitts & Nevis