Malta announces Nomad Residency Permit for non-EU remote workers

The Maltese government has announced a new ‘Nomad Residency Permit’ that is aimed at attracting ‘non-EU’ remote workers and helping to maintain Malta’s workforce talent resources. This new permit, which was introduced on 9 June and is overseen by Residency Malta, will enable remote employees to work and consume in Malta but pay taxes in different jurisdictions.

To qualify, applicants must prove they are contracted to work remotely by a company based overseas, show that they run their own business or offer freelance service to clientele based abroad.

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship Alex Muscat also confirmed that the Maltese government does not intend to limit the application of the permit to any particular sectors, noting that remote working has increased substantially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Malta government is set to trial a non-EU remote worker programme that offers a six-month visa and an option of obtaining a one-year ‘Nomad Residence Permit’ at the cost of €300.

As one of Europe’s largest gaming markets – online gambling accounts for 12% of the island’s GDP, generating €700 million and employing 9,000 people – Malta is home to over 250 betting operators, including Betsson, Tipico and Betfair.

These international operators in turn employ hundreds of workers all over the world, the vast majority of which have been working remotely during the pandemic. As an added incentive to the betting and gaming industry, the Maltese government offers a 15% tax cap on salary payments to highly skilled recruits in the online sector.

Residency Malta chief executive Charles Mizzi said: “Early to recognise the signs, Residency Malta has launched this new permit that allows digital nomads to come to Malta and work here, while enjoying all the perks that Malta offers foreigners. The process is simple and we promise an efficient service that discerning nomads expect.”

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