Sovereign Corporate Services has been working tirelessly with our local and global clients across the Middle East to help implement the strategies and resilience measures that businesses require in order to navigate their way through the global COVID-19 crisis.

Although some countries are now beginning to reemerge from lockdown, this does not mean there will be an automatic return to the old ‘normal’ or that it will be uniform. Different countries, different regions and different business sectors will reopen in alternative ways and at various speeds, and there is no guarantee that any current relaxation of restrictions will be reversed.

Businesses now have many issues to consider as they grapple with this economic ‘reboot’ – the wellbeing of staff, assessing how swiftly demand will return and how the post-pandemic landscape will impact a company’s operations, suppliers and customers.

As the region begins to remobilise, businesses in Dubai and the GCC will need to establish a solid framework to prioritise recovery opportunities in a highly volatile environment. They will need to develop a detailed plan covering each region, country, segment, customer and product in order to guide production, supply and sales. They will also need to reassess existing value chains and planned or ongoing investment projects.

Sovereign offers dedicated support through our regional presence in the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to help new and existing clients to plan and implement their response, whilst remaining fully committed to ensuring that businesses act responsibly when taking tough decisions.

In particular, Sovereign Corporate Services can help you in the following areas:

  • Liquidations – simplifying a complicated process in the UAE
  • Economic Substance review – assessment and notification
  • End of Service Benefit Trusts – simplifying employee gratuity obligations
  • Accounting and financial reporting – including audited reports
  • Corporate restructuring and business transformation
  • Employee management – HR-specific consultancy
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO) / Government liaison services
  • Entry into new markets e.g. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • UAE Corporate Nominee Shareholder Model – to mitigate foreign ownership restrictions
  • 100% foreign ownership opportunities in the UAE
  • Finance and working capital
  • Liquidity and contingency planning
  • Managing the change to remote working
  • Sales and channel support – to assist connectivity with both end-customers and distributors
  • Supply chain management and continuity
  • Sovereign Insurance Services
  • Marketing communications and copywriting
  • Content strategy

We understand that it is not easy for anyone right now but together we can – and will – get through this. For further information or for any questions about how Sovereign Corporate Services can help you in any way, please contact us via the link here.

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