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Sovereign Asset Management Limited (SAM) is the division of The Sovereign Group that provides asset management services to Group clients. Our goal is to help you grow your wealth, enjoy it and pass it on to future generations.

Our focus is on leveraging the collective strength of our clients to access the very best banking services and investment opportunities available – and to negotiate the lowest possible charges – on behalf of our clients. SAM is not tied to any private bank or asset manager and is committed to delivering genuinely objective and impartial investment advice, as well as enhanced levels of oversight and security.

SAM never holds client money in its own name and funds are always lodged with universally recognised custodians. Our clients enjoy privileged access to many of the major names in private banking and asset management, often irrespective of their actual portfolio size. We leverage our client’s collective strength to secure the best terms and service levels for you.

Adding value and focus

SAM has many years of experience working with external investment managers and assisting clients in the choice of private banking services on an informed basis. SAM is able to provide comprehensive information on the suitability of a bank to suit clients’ individual needs. Moreover SAM offers privileged access to ensure all clients receive the best possible terms.

SAM will also be closely involved in the ongoing investment strategy that will be specific to each client.

This additional service comes at no extra cost to SAM’s clients. Wherever possible, SAM will use its influence to ensure that its clients receive discounts to the standard quoted fees. In this way a client’s costs will never be greater – and may actually be lower – than the standard rates.

To find out how to maximise the potential of your investment portfolio, contact SAM for an initial, no obligation, consultation.


SAM Brochure

Sovereign Asset Management Ltd.

Suite 2B Mansion House
143 Main Street

Telephone Number: +350 200 41054
Fax Number: +350 200 41036

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Managing Director

Richard Foster


Chris Labrow, Gerry Kelly, Susan Rippingall

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