Sovereign has developed the Rinella Retirement Benefit Scheme, a multi-member QNUPS that is authorised in Malta and satisfies the necessary conditions to be regarded as a QNUPS for UK purposes. The robust regulatory framework provided by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), together with Malta’s full EU member status and network of over 70 double taxation pension agreements make Malta an ideal place for UK expatriates to set up a QNUPS.

Malta QNUPS – Key Information

Malta QNUPS – Key Information

Investment Options Open architecture
Benefit commencement 50 years of age
Maximum Lump Sum 30%
Malta tax rate applicable to pension* Up to 35%
Death Benefits 100% lump sum or survivor’s pension

*Maltese tax will not apply where the pension taxing rights are granted to the member’s country of residence under the terms of a double taxation agreement.

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