Sovereign’s personal wealth services will assist you to preserve, enjoy and pass on the rewards of success. Whether your primary concerns are asset ownership, tax, retirement or succession planning, we can help you implement the most efficient and effective means to realise your wealth management objectives.

Sovereign will spend time and effort to understand your individual circumstances and requirements before devising and implementing fully functional and compliant wealth management strategies and structures for you and your family. These may include:

  • Estate planning, including the use of trusts, companies and other vehicles to hold and distribute assets;
  • Tax-efficient investments;
  • Pension planning, including personal pensions and pension transfers;
  • Inheritance planning;
  • Portfolio bonds or wrappers to build up retirement savings;
  • Immigration and relocation planning.

The Sovereign Group has assets under administration in excess of US$10 billion and is fully independent, which means that we are not tied to any provider of financial products
and deliver a truly independent, impartial and flexible service.