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The Companies Act requires that each Singapore company must appoint at least one Singapore resident director. If you are based overseas and do not have a local business partner in Singapore, you can utilise our Local Resident Director service to satisfy this statutory requirement. This service can be provided on a short-term or annual basis, depending on whether or not you intend to relocate to Singapore. Generally, when we provide local directors, we insist on controlling the bank account(s) of the company and we do not split the board with third parties.

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Asia Focus – September 2019

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  • Shanghai FTZ expands into Lingang New Area
  • Global tech giant opens R&D facility in Hong Kong
  • India-China tax treaty protocol enters into force
  • Singapore and South Korea sign updated tax treaty
  • China issues 2019 Negative Lists and Encouraged Catalogue for Foreign Investment
  • Singapore – the ideal family office location

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