Financially Independent Visa Programmes

Many individuals have become internationally mobile because of their ability to carry out their employment or business activities remotely, using the wide array of online communication platforms that are now available. Others may be semi-retired or retired.

In each case, they are looking for liberating, flexible solutions, that provide a range of lifestyle, business, investment and tax benefits.

Financially Independent Visa Programmes enable applicants to establish residency in a new country if they can demonstrate a regular income and/or personal wealth above a specified amount.

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SAF announces shortlist for 2024 Sovereign Asian Art Prize

The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) has announced the 30 artists shortlisted for the 2024 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, which marks the 20th anniversary of Asia’s most coveted award in contemporary art.

As well as providing artists with international recognition and generous financial prizes, the Prize is an important charitable endeavour, raising substantial funds to support disadvantaged children by auctioning finalists’ artworks.

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Sebastien Philipona

To Malta for today’s Sovereign Story featuring Sebastien Philipona. Sebastien joined the team as Business Development Manager in May 2022 and has already made a significant impact. As we were to learn, there is   much more to this “thirty-something” Frenchman than we might have imagined.

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