The Merits of Detailed Tax Planning for Foreign Investors in UK Property

Hubbis Jun 3, 2020 – Laurence Lancaster of Sovereign Group

Laurence Lancaster, Group Head of Tax, at The Sovereign Group, believes that no time is like the present for planning ahead. Across the globe, national governments and local governments are identifying new ways to raise taxes without impacting their political potential, and for the UK since the global financial crisis, there has been an increasing focus on foreign investors, including expatriates, to ensure they pay at least their fair share of duties and taxes in the UK, should they wish to own assets there, or reside there, even as non-domiciled residents. Lancaster spoke with Hubbis at length recently to highlight how the current pandemic offers wealthy expatriates, foreign individuals and investors with a good window to consider some smart, forward-thinking tax planning. ​​​​​​​

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