Dani van Vuuren

Business Development Consultant
Dani van Vuuren

Dani believes that creating bespoke solutions for clients is central to everything she does at Sovereign Trust (SA) Limited. While completing her postgraduate studies, Dani was selected to intern for a legal advisory department of one of the largest financial services groups in South Africa where she later specialized in fiduciary services.

Her love for the fiduciary services industry led her to The Sovereign Group, where she was determined to learn more about what the offshore world had to offer the South African market. Although Dani joined Sovereign Trust (Limited) in 2022, she soon cultivated a robust knowledge of the offshore industry with a specific focus on foreign residency and citizenship as well as the offshore structuring of trusts and companies for South African individuals and businesses.

Dani is passionate about learning and believes that staying abreast of industry changes is critical. She is a Certified Financial Planner and has an undergraduate degree in law, specializing in financial planning law, as well as a postgraduate degree in financial planning law.

As an avid bibliophile and writer, Dani regularly contributes to articles and has been interviewed by local journalists and radio personalities to share her insights with the South African community. Dani lives in Cape Town and travels throughout the country meeting with clients and hosting workshops to her vast network of intermediaries.

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