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Human Resources (HR) is a critical component of any business, no matter how large or small. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing and keeping up to date with local laws and regulations. Establishing HR policies and procedures correctly enables an organisation to manage its employees properly and effectively.

Sovereign HR Solutions offers outsourced HR services that deliver the flexible, practical employment support that our clients require, especially when they are first entering the Abu Dhabi market and are looking to build an effective HR function with minimum investment. We provide a range of HR consultancy packages, business support functions and ad-hoc services that allow our clients to focus on growing their primary business.

Every corporate entity operating in the UAE is subject to the UAE Labour Law and must ensure compliance with Labour Law regulations. Sovereign is able to assist organisations to understand and address issues such as policies, procedures, contracts, compensation and benefits, working hours, conditions, record management, insurance, holidays and religious holidays, inductions and exits.

We can also advise on the differences between Mainland and Free Zone regulations, as well as the variations between the Free Zones themselves. Sovereign will also provide timely updates to clients in respect of any changes to legislation or regulations.

Employment contracts in Abu Dhabi

All employees working in Abu Dhabi require a relevant labour contract that is in accordance with UAE Labour Law and regulations. Sovereign HR Solutions can assist with drafting new offer letters and labour contracts, as well as reviewing existing contracts to ensure continued compliance.

End of Service (EoS) gratuity calculations

Calculating EoS gratuities correctly is essential, not just for legal reasons but to understand potential financial liabilities and their impact on a company’s balance sheet. EoS gratuities will vary greatly according to an employee’s contract and the length of time served, as well as the manner of their departure (see FAQs below). Sovereign HR Solutions will assist in calculating EoS gratuities and notice periods, as wells as ensuring that exit procedures are correct and compliant.


Foreign employees in the UAE are required to hold a relevant, valid employment visa. Sovereign HR Solutions is fully conversant with UAE immigration regulations and procedures and can advise and service clients locally and internationally in relation to UAE inbound arrangements, including compliance and eligibility, formalities and process. We will ensure that the client is kept well informed on the status of each application and anticipated issues or timelines.

HR support in Abu Dhabi

Outsourcing a part of the HR function allows businesses to focus on growing their company, leaving the external professional to handle day-to-day employee administration. Sovereign HR Solutions offers outsourcing services that are designed to manage the complete HR process for companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and throughout the UAE. Our support can be provided on an ad hoc basis, as and where required.

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