Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi, also referred to as KIZAD, strategically occupies a prime location nestled between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This strategic positioning offers seamless connectivity to major seaports, airports, and global transportation networks. The close proximity to Khalifa Port and Abu Dhabi International Airport significantly enhances the logistics and trade prospects.

KIZAD is recognized as one of the largest freezones globally, covering a sprawling 417 square-kilometer expanse strategically positioned halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. KIZAD is further divided into two distinct areas: Area A, primarily catering to businesses in the industrial sector, and Area B, where commerce-based companies flourish. KIZAD accommodates both free zone and non-free zone-based companies. While non-free zone-based companies adhere to the Abu Dhabi Companies Act, free zone companies are subject to the regulations of the Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi is renowned for its affordability within the UAE. It boasts some of the highest-quality warehouses among all free zones in the country, without demanding exorbitant initial investments.

The master plan of KIZAD is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of manufacturing, trading, and storage companies. The presence of Khalifa Port ensures that the free zone is excellently connected to over 60 international destinations.

KIZAD free zone offers a wide array of activities with a particular emphasis on the following sectors:

  1. Industrial License: The industrial license is the most common type of business license in KIZAD, favored by numerous companies. It serves the purpose of facilitating the import of raw materials, machinery, assembly, packaging, and the export of finished and packaged goods to various countries.
  2. Trading License/General Trading License: Companies engaged in the trade of goods, encompassing both imports and exports, opt for a trading license in KIZAD. A general trading license permits a company to engage in the trade of various goods and products, encompassing up to 17 product categories across three different product groups.
  3. Service License: Activities related to marketing services, restaurant services, management consultancy, cargo and logistics services, warehousing services, travel, and tourism services fall under the purview of a service license in KIZAD.

The advantages KIZAD offers, from its strategic location to business-friendly regulations, have made it a compelling choice for investors and companies looking to tap into the burgeoning Middle Eastern markets.

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