Africa Focus

Africa Focus – August 2019

  • Taking IP offshore: what SA business owners need to know
  • Mauritius and the getaway car
  • Mauritius amends country-by-country reporting rules
  • Fiduciary services: the answer to complex estate planning
  • South Africans – the benefits of offshore bank accounts
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Africa Focus – April 2019

  • Malta may be the answer for South African investors and emigrants
  • Sovereign provides POEM solution for Mauritius ‘authorised companies’
  • A man is not an investment plan
  • Mauritius reports spike in licence applications
  • Kenya and Mauritius sign new tax treaty after court ruling
  • Sovereign Trust (SA) Limited Annual International Retirement Seminar
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Africa Focus – February 2019

  • Expat tax is coming to South Africa
  • Mauritius not ‘blacklisted’ by The Netherlands
  • ANC manifesto pledge undermines pension fund security
  • Africa the highest growing ecommerce market globally
  • Mauritius to introduce custodian-licensing regime for digital assets
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Africa Focus – December 2018

  • Offshore trusts are only for the rich – says who?
  • UK property still attractive, if you can avoid the tax minefield
  • Mauritius celebrates a highly successful half-century
  • Guernsey offers SA investors a secure, tax-efficient ‘offshore’ option
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