Sovereign Bahrain’s ‘Green Pack’ is a bundle of services that is designed to protect and maintain your Bahrain company and ensure that it remains in good standing throughout the year.

A corporation is a legal entity that is legally separate from its owners, with its own rights and obligations, and is the most widely used legal vehicle for operating a business. But failure to manage a company correctly can not only mean that intended objectives and benefits are not realised but can also lead to unintended consequences and liabilities.

In addition to providing Bahrain company formation and business set-up services, Sovereign Bahrain offers the necessary expertise in administering and managing companies, which includes competency in company law, board procedures, directors’ responsibilities, company secretarial services, licensing and renewals, financial and legal filings, tax and corporate compliance.

Outsourcing these responsibilities to a reliable, reputable and expert service provider means that company owners can focus on their primary business, safe in the knowledge that their structure will always be in good standing.

Our ‘Green Pack’ solution includes a bundle of annual and monthly services, as follows:

Sovereign ‘Green Pack’ solution

Our ‘Green Pack’ solution includes a bundle of annual and monthly services, as follows:


The annual cost of Sovereign Bahrain’s Green Pack’ retention fee will vary, depending on the size of the business and the number of its employees. This cost will not include official government and third-party fees.

Let Sovereign Bahrain’s ‘Green Pack’ keep your company in a good standing. As one of the largest independent corporate and trust service providers in the world, we provide the comprehensive advice and support to assist companies of all sizes to establish business operations successfully. We also provide the administrative support to maximise opportunities and achieve long-term sustainability, from full back-office solutions to assistance with tax and regulatory compliance.

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