Comment: The many benefits of being a Non-Habitual Resident in Portugal

The attractions of Portugal as a place to live and invest have increased dramatically over the last few years. Lisbon, in particular, has attracted swathes of new investment and many new residents. Howard Bilton sets the scene.

Howard Bilton, Chairman of Sovereign Group – Feb 21, 2020

The reasons for this are quite simple. Lisbon is the sunniest capital in Europe, with 300 days of sunshine a year, and is the oldest settled capital city in Europe. It boasts beautiful and relatively unspoiled architecture, great restaurants and bars, and it is close to both a host of unspoiled beaches on the Atlantic coast and to the beautiful vineyards of the Alentejo.

In fact, it’s hard to think of anything that Lisbon doesn’t have. The Portuguese people are especially friendly and welcoming, while living costs – even though they have increased substantially over the last five years – are still relatively cheap. And, of course, Portugal is a full member of the EU so legal residents of Portugal can travel freely and visa-free throughout the EU under the Schengen arrangements.

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