CyberSecurity: A Director’s Responsibility

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A talk given by Rob May

We’re delighted to be joined by international Keynote speaker Rob May who is the founder and Managing Director of IT and CyberSecurity firm ramsac. He is also the UK Ambassador for CyberSecurity for the Institute of Directors. Here’s a short clip of Rob involved in a cyber chat.

Many people believe that CyberSecurity is an IT problem, unfortunately it’s a responsibility that directors can’t outsource and statements like ‘Don’t worry, our IT Director has that covered’ become famous last words!
Attendees will:

  • sign up to this session because you have a legal or fiduciary or contractual responsibility in your organisation
  • start this session with blissful ignorance and huge faith in your IT director / manager / outsourced team to have that risk covered
  • be frightened by this session because your organisation has not understood or managed the risk sufficiently
  • receive a copy of one of Rob’s CyberSecurity books
  • enjoy this session because Rob will take you on an emotional journey, make you laugh, scare you and also give you hope, clearly explaining the enormous threat and steps we can take to protect ourselves, our families and our businesses.

When: Friday 22 November 2019, 9.30am – 11.45am
Location: Atlas Rooms, Sunborn

Limited availability, first come first served, confirm your space now
Entrance fee: Free

Sponsored by Sovereign Group: Insurance, Pensions, Trust & Corporate
Please RSVP to Eva Drimmie to reserve your place.

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