The second annual conference on Cyprus as an international wealth management centre.
19 & 20 April 2016, Limassol, Hotel Four Seasons.
Speaker – Simon Denton

Reform of the UK Res Non Dom regime, reform of UK property taxes…: which implications for the choice of compliant onshore and offshore structures to hold UK assets?

  • How, why and when to use UK, overseas companies and other international arrangements including Trusts as well as PTC’s to acquire and invest in UK property

  • What has been the impact to the London property industry since the overhaul of the non-dom legislation and the changes to SDLT, CGT and IHT

  • Applicable Finance Act 2015 compliant structures relevant to buying a main and secondary residence by non-UK domiciled persons

  • To explore the new and best arrangements to use relevant to the purchase of a buy-to-let real estate portfolio and why offshore structures should still be considered

  • The use of offshore entities for the purpose of investing in UK commercial property

  • What arrangements and planning can still be deployed for UK property development and trading

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