Cyprus and Singapore: bridges to Europe and Asia for Kazakhstan businesses

We are living in a time of great changes and challenges, both for people and for businesses.

The return of inflation and a global economic slowdown, political uncertainties impacting supply chain security, rising customer expectations, accelerated digital transformation, intensifying competition for talent, data and device vulnerabilities, increasing regulation and the drive for sustainability.

In today’s global marketplace, business success increasingly requires active trading participation in foreign markets. But international expansion inevitably involves unfamiliar legislation, regulations and processes, as well as creating international legal and tax considerations

Cyprus and Singapore both offer business-friendly tax regimes and have emerged as major financial and economic bridges for investors into Europe and Asia. Both are attractive locations for holding and developing intellectual property, both provide strong legal protections and wide-ranging tax treaty networks.

Emerging companies typically operate in rapidly evolving industries where expertise, speed and efficiency are rewarded. With over three decades of experience handling cross-border corporate and commercial matters, Sovereign’s corporate services include forming new corporate structures, reorganising existing structures and repatriating earnings.

Watch our webinar to find out why and how Sovereign can assist you in structuring your business in the most effective and tax efficient way.

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar is in Russian only

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