Webinar – Taxation of UK Property: navigating the new landscape

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UK 9.30 AM (GMT+1) / DUBAI 12.30 PM (GST) / HONG KONG 4.30 PM (HKT)

Following the barrage of legislative measures affecting the taxation of UK property since April 2012, we will focus on solutions for purchasing residential property (held as investment or personal use) and commercial property. Following changes introduced by the Finance Act 2019, commercial property held by non-UK residents is now within the UK CGT net.

As well as addressing practical tax planning, the following solutions will be explored with case studies to highlight their applicability.

  • UK and overseas corporate ownership of UK property
  • Overseas Trusts to purchase UK residential property
  • Overseas Pension Schemes
  • Personal ownership of UK residential property


Simon Denton
Managing Director – Sovereign UK

Laurence Lancaster
Sovereign Group – Head of Tax


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