Fund Structure & Fund Set Up

Sovereign Asset Management (SAM) can provide both a stand-alone fund structure as well as fund set up through our Protected Cell Company (PCC).

The name of our PCC structure is Universal Master Funds PCC (UMF), run as an Experienced Investor Fund (EIF) and registered with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (FSC).


The UMF is structured as a Protected Cell Company. This means that each sub-fund operates as an individual cell and is managed separately from the other cells. Assets and liabilities of each cell are legally ring-fenced, so there can be no claim on fund assets from other members of the protected cell structure. Under this master fund structure we can create a new sub fund (cell) and this is allocated to our client as a stand-alone entity for his own use.

Recent years have seen a significant growth in demand for bespoke funds. UMF is a straightforward and highly versatile solution that represents excellent value for money. In particular, clients avoid the need to raise share capital thus considerably reducing their initial financial outlay.

SAM also arranges for the provision of authorised directors, as required by local legislation and as a fully licensed and regulated entity SAM can be appointed as the fund’s Investment Manager, if required. This provides extra comfort to potential investors; it also avoids the need for the client to obtain a separate licence.

The availability of Protected Cell legislation, high regulatory standards, a legal system based on English Common Law and Gibraltar’s position within the European Union, which enables the “passporting” of financial services across all EU member states, together make it a compelling alternative to other jurisdictions.

Should you consider setting up a fund vehicle for private or professional purposes, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at Sovereign Asset Management or via you Sovereign relationship manager in order to discuss an individual solution for you.

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