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  • Impressive track record, political stability and more than three decades of sustained economic growth
  • Secure investment location with established rule of law
  • Freest and most business-friendly country in Africa
  • Flexible, bilingual (English/French) and skilled workforce
  • Investment-friendly regulatory regime
  • Open to foreign investors and talents
  • Preferential market access to Africa, Europe and the USA
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative pool of products
  • Signatory member of international standard setting bodies including the FATF and IOSCO
  • Recognised by the OECD as a “white listed” jurisdiction
  • Recognised International Arbitration Centre


The Time Zone is GMT (+4)


Licensed as a Management Company. Licence No. Mc00006831

Immigration and Residency

The Mauritian government has developed specific programmes to attract foreign talent, know-how and investment.

Fund Services

Mauritius has a modern regime for establishing funds that is recognised by both fund managers and investors and is commonly used for investment structuring into Asia and Africa

Pensions Services

Sovereign offer a range of retirement savings solutions and pension plans.

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