Mauritius Residency by Profession

Applicants for Professional Occupation Permit should be foreign nationals employed in Mauritius under a contract of employment and earning a basic monthly salary of at least MUR60,000 (USD1,500). For Professionals in the ICT, BPO, pharmaceutical and food processing sectors, the basic monthly salary must be at least MUR 30,000 (USD750).

Professionals may also apply for a short-term Occupation Permit for a period not exceeding nine months. This permit can only be extended once for a period not exceeding three months.

Holders are eligible to renew an Occupation Permit at expiry, subject to the renewal of their contract of employment with a qualifying basic monthly salary.

Professional Occupation Permit holders are also eligible to apply for a 20-year Permanent Residence Permit, after at least three years of residency, provided they have received a basic monthly salary of at least MUR150,000 (approx. USD3,500) for three consecutive years preceding the application.

Dependents, comprising the spouse, common law partner of the opposite sex, children and parents are eligible for a residence permit, allowing them to live in Mauritius for the same duration.

With the aim of retaining foreign expertise and talents in Mauritius, the government introduced the following measures in 2021:

  • Extension of the duration of Professional Occupation Permit to 10 years.
  • Flexibility for Professional Occupation Permit holders to switch job without having to submit a new application provided the minimum criteria are met.
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