A business continuity message from Sovereign

The outbreak and spread of the coronavirus has already created massive disruption around the world, to both businesses and individuals, as well as huge economic uncertainty going forward. The number of confirmed cases grows everyday and, with no market or geography seemingly immune, the difficulties continue to mount.

As COVID-19 continues to evolve, it reinforces the need for us to act together to keep not only our families, employees and communities healthy, but also our businesses and the economy. The Sovereign team globally is helping to navigate these obstacles by developing practical continuity plans and comprehensive solutions to protect clients and their businesses.

Sovereign’s offices in Asia have been dealing with the consequences of the outbreak since it was first identified and we are well equipped with the technological resources needed for our teams to be able to continue to deliver the service that you expect. The health and safety of our employees is also essential and our remote working policies have proved robust and effective.

Times like these call for us to adapt and be flexible and our approach is to work closely with clients to identify how best to deal with the situation and arrive at the most favourable solution for their particular case. There may be some disruption to service levels, especially if we are dealing with high volumes of requests, but we will endeavor to minimise any impact and to maintain a high standard of customer service.

We will continually monitor the situation and should there be any changes to our policies during this time, we will keep you updated. Do not hesitate to contact your usual Sovereign office if you require advice.

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