A Simple Way to Obtain European Residency- Portuguese Regulated Investment Fund

First introduced in 2012, the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit (GVRP) provides qualifying non-European investors and their family full rights to live, work and study in Portugal. The residence permit also provides visa free access throughout the Schengen zone and after 5 years, the right to apply for permanent residency or citizenship.

The most recent addition to the range of investments that qualify for the GVRP, investing into a Portuguese regulated qualifying investment or venture capital fund is the most cost and tax efficient option available to international investors and their families.

As the market develops the investment fund route is becoming significantly more popular, most notably because it provides a number of unique advantages over other investment options:

  • Minimum qualifying investment requirement of €350,000
  • A fully managed transparent investment solution
  • Investors receive a fixed annual dividend payment of 3%
  • Potential for additional distributable income above the 3% dividend payment
  • A share in all capital gains made upon the sale of the underlying assets
  • Significant benefits for nontax residents, 0% tax payable on dividends and capital gains
  • No initial property transfer tax (IMT), stamp duty, land registry or conveyancing fees

Our local investment contacts provide a variety of investment fund options and our local team works with clients to ensure that they qualify for, prepare and submit a successful GVRP application.

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