Dubai restructures municipality to enhance governance

The Dubai Municipality has been restructured to introduce a more private sector mindset and maximise the economic, tourism and commercial impact of its public assets. The aim is to reduce operational costs by AED8 billion and create new economic opportunities worth AED10 billion.

Speaking on 31 July, Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan said: “The Dubai Municipality’s new organisational structure includes agencies for environment, facilities management, building permits and waste management. Our goal is to build new productive partnerships, enhance financial sustainability and develop services that raise the quality of life in Dubai.”

New private sector partnerships will be sought in the Dubai Municipality for: irrigation services, city beautification and agriculture; veterinary services and slaughterhouses; waste management; markets; public parks and recreational facilities; water treatment plants and technical laboratories.

“We have full confidence that the new sectors’ CEOs at the Dubai Municipality will drive innovation and achieve Dubai’s ambitious goals,” added Sheikh Hamdan. “With the enhanced efficiencies created by the new agencies, the team will develop exceptional new services for the people of Dubai.”

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