Lockdown- The Ideal Time To Begin Your Portuguese Golden Residency Permit Application

Many of those who intend to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa Residency Permit (GVRP) assume that they need to travel to Portugal in order to begin their application, this is not correct.

Applicants working with the Sovereign Group are able to begin the process today. They will not be required to travel to Portugal until their initial GVRP application has been signed off and an appointment organised with the Portuguese immigration department (SEF).

Sovereigns’ Portugal and international teams work closely with applicants during each stage ensuring that they successfully qualify, apply, process and ultimately receive their Portuguese residency through investment permit.

As all GVRP related services are managed inhouse, investors are assured that servicing times and costs are kept to a minimum. The application process includes a series of steps which much be implemented prior to meeting with the SEF. These include establishment and completion of the following:

  • Portuguese Bank Account – A requirement of the GVRP is that applicants first transfer their investment funds to a Portuguese bank account in their own name. From there the funds must be transferred to a qualifying investment.
  • Fiscal Representation and Tax Identity Number – Another requirement of the GVRP is that applicants appoint a local Fiscal Representative and have a local tax ID number.
  • Due Diligence and/or Conveyancing – Confirmation that the chosen investment meets the specific terms and conditions require for it to qualify as an investment for the Portugal Golden Visa.
  • Application Preparation and Submission – Work with you to correctly certify, prepare and submit all of the required documentation to submit your initial GVRP application to the SEF.
  • Application Processing – Liaise with the immigration department (SEF) to ensure that applications are processed correctly, that any further requirements are obtained and submitted and that the application is ultimately accepted.
  • SEF Meeting – Arrange and accompany applicants to a meeting with the SEF in order to submit their original paperwork and submit biometrics.

Begin Your GVRP Application Today

As most applicants incorrectly believe that they need wait before commencing their GVRP application, we expect the eventual lifting of travel restrictions will create a surge of applicants causing a backlog within the Portugal government agencies.

With this in mind we recommend that applicants stay ahead of the pack and begin the application process as soon as possible.

Please contact Ceri Pratley with your questions, to arrange a call to discuss your requirements and learn how the Sovereign Group is able to assist you in begin your GVRP application.

Contact: rcbi@SovereignGroup.com

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