Do you want to maintain 100% ownership control of your business and not be restricted to free zone trading?

According to the UAE Law no one is permitted to conduct economic activities in Dubai, outside the free zones, except through a corporate entity licenced by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most common legal type of establishing business in Dubai. This company is similar to the private limited liability company in UK. Mainland LLCs will benefit from the custom duty exemption in UAE. GCC and countries that are part of GAFTA, unlike UAE free zone companies which will have the 5% custom duties when trading in UAE and GCC.
The primary concern of expats when setting up an onshore Limited liability company (LLC) is that company’s law requires a local partner must own 51% of the shares – this generally forces people into thinking twice about setting up in the UAE or pushes them towards setting up a free zone company.

Sovereign corporate services have a solution which allows clients to maintain 100% ownership control of their business and have the ability to trade with all areas in the UAE and GCC.
Sovereign Corporate Services are in a position to act as a corporate nominee shareholder (company acting as a sponsor), holding the 51% of the shares as a nominee shareholder for, and on behalf of, the foreign investor.

Rather than the name of a local individual person appearing as the 51% shareholder on the company trade license, a Sovereign owned company name will appear which adds additional value for potential investors. In a nutshell we cut through at the red tape for you allowing you to maintain 100% ownership control of your business meaning you can focus 100% on your business plan without the headache of establishing the company

This corporate nominee shareholder structure will add a layer of protection in terms of succession planning, additionally the client will have no direct or personal involvement with the local individual sponsors which means they will be free to run their business any way they see fit with no commercial involvement from Sovereign as the sponsor.

Sovereign can assist and advise you on the set up of any type of company Offshore, Free Zone and Mainland. If you want to find out more, please contact:

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