Sovereign – Guernsey: our culture

Having attended a recent seminar on the recruitment crisis in Guernsey, it was apparent that some less obvious aspects of a role (non-financial) are becoming much more important to people…particularly the culture of a business and its people, it’s willingness to adapt to and embrace change and to support staff wellbeing, whilst striving for commercial success.

This is not an easy message to get across to candidates in an interview or from a job description, and it is also not something that can be quickly or easily formed – its part and parcel of a business and is engrained within it.

The culture at Sovereign is special – we’re very proud of it and work hard to preserve it, despite our continued growth. Recruitment is always as much about the fit of the person, as their skillset and experience.

Sovereign as a business is a unique blend of an owner managed entrepreneurial business with family values, combined with a shared ambition and determination to grow and succeed together.

So, we sit somewhere between what you’d expect from an owner managed business and a large corporate – nimble, decisive and able to react to changing circumstances quickly, but with in-house support, legal and technical expertise across the Group more akin to a larger corporate and ensuring that any such changes are properly thought through and implemented effectively.

Sovereign – Guernsey is no exception and we embody the culture of the Group.

The below issues, that were identified at the seminar as now being particularly important to prospective employees, help to highlight the Sovereign Guernsey culture…

Inclusion, diversity and equality

Inclusion, diversity and equality is hugely important to us and we encourage all staff, at all levels, to have a voice – no one person’s opinion is less valuable than another.

Diversity (gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, or any other human characteristic) is embraced as an ethos and not just as a written policy.

  • 1/3 of the Board of Sovereign – Guernsey is female
  • 1/3 of the Board of Sovereign – Guernsey is under 35
  • 2/3 of the Senior Management team of Sovereign – Guernsey is female

The Sovereign Guernsey team is made up of a diverse group from multiple nationalities and backgrounds.

Flexible working

  • Flexible hours for childcare (and other) purposes
  • WFH opportunities, ad-hoc and regular
  • Flexi-leave policy allows up to 12 additional days leave per year for extra hours worked
  • Shared resources across Group offices, gives ability to participate in Group level projects

Family Friendly

  • Annual social events inclusive of partners and children
  • Out of work hours respected and encouraged to ensure a healthy work and home life balance

Staff wellbeing support

  • Qualified Mental Health First Aider appointed
  • EAP available to all staff
  • Financial wellness tool available to all staff
  • Regular fresh fruit deliveries to the office for all staff
  • Discounted gym and fitness centre membership for all staff

Community & environmental consciousness

  • Sovereign Art Foundation Schools Prize annually – supporting local schools and local artists
  • CSR committee – fundraising and volunteering initiatives
  • Signed up to ESI Monitor
  • Active transport encouraged

So if you are interested in working for a company that truly values its people, is willing to listen and adapt, but is also highly ambitious and motivated to grow and succeed, I can assure you that Sovereign delivers on all those important matters and we would be pleased to speak with you about what the company can offer.

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