The Telegraph – May 2016
Gerry Kelly – Sovereign Group financial controller

While many people leave Britain thinking they’ll be gone for good, expat life can be unpredictable, and plans don’t always work out. What if you moved your pension offshore, but have now decided to come back to the UK? Offshore finance specialist Gerry Kelly explains the options:

Life as an expat is an adventure. It offers the potential to explore different places, different climates and different cultures, as well as the opportunity for unlikely friendships and extraordinary experiences. It can also be fragile and unpredictable.

Even the best-laid plans can be turned on their head in an instant. The recent collapse in the oil price, for example, has resulted in many energy workers having to pack their bags and head back to the UK. Equally events at home, such as parental illness, can bring a foreign posting to a sudden end.

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