Sovereign offers a number of solutions for international employers who may have employees operating outside their home jurisdiction (expatriates), who frequently move between countries, and who may operate in territories where there may be no locally recognised pensions framework.

Sovereign’s solutions are offered from Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Pension schemes may be totally bespoke to the employer or offered as part of a multi-employer master scheme with an individual segregated employer’s plan within the master scheme.
Sovereign will work with the employer to design, deliver and then administer the international corporate plan.

Recognised for tax purposes in Guernsey and the Isle of Man respectively, payments from the schemes will be paid gross of tax. There are no limits on contributions to the schemes and a number of options available on termination of employment and at retirement.

Such plans are extremely flexible and a powerful employee retention tool; Sovereign is uniquely placed in the marketplace as a provider able to deliver solutions from both the above jurisdictions.