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The process of obtaining citizenship or residency consists of a series of important steps that need to be implemented carefully and at the right time. Sovereign has a wealth of international and local expertise and a high success rate of delivering grants of citizenship or residency within a minimum time frame.

Sovereign will assist clients to identify the most suitable investor programme to match their individual circumstances and requirements and will advise on the most effective way to meet the investment criteria. Sovereign will then manage each step of an application and structuring of the investment to ensure that all submissions are executed correctly and at the right time.

Through our global office network, Sovereign can provide clients with a seamless service in both their current location, as well as in the target country for residence or citizenship. Each country has a different set of requirements that applicants must fulfil but the following requirements are common to all such programmes:

Applicants are required to have a clean criminal record
Applicants are required to show the legal source of their investment funds
Applicants are required to invest in one of the government-approved options – qualifying real estate, businesses, government bonds or a national economic fund

We only work with investors who have passed our internal due diligence checks, which are similar to those used by the government authorities. Police clearance records from authorities in the applicant’s country of origin and in country/countries where the applicant has resided must be provided at the preliminary stage.

Applications will have to be submitted in the correct language and any documents in another language will need to be accompanied by an authenticated translation. All documents must be submitted in original or be officially certified. Certifications should be authenticated by an apostille or validated by the appropriate government department.

We will assist with identifying the best available options for investment, provide a legal overview of purchase agreements and/or relevant documents and advise on any tax implications. We will also run a pre-clearance check with the responsible authorities and, where necessary, assist with the incorporation of holding company structures.

In respect of application submissions, Sovereign will:

Assist with the preparation of all required documents
Check the citizenship/residency application packs to ensure they are complete and up to standard Monitor the status of the applications and provide continuous follow-up
Once citizenship or residency is granted, we will assist with the process of obtaining the passport, residency or identity card to the applicant and all family members.

Sovereign has selected the best European programmes and has prioritised those jurisdictions in which it also has an office. In these locations we are able to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for RBI and CBI applications, providing assistance in submitting an application without the need to outsource any aspect to a third party. We will also be able to indicate the expected time frames based on the specific circumstances and the nature of your application.

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