A. Company Information
B. Objectives
To establish a new retirement savings plan?(Required)
To transfer the management of an existing plan?(Required)
C. Prospective Membership
Does the Company anticipate any significant expansion in its workforce in the next three years?
D. Funding and Contributions
Annual employer contribution
Annual employee contribution
Are employee contributions voluntary?
Contribution frequency
E. Investment
Preferred investment currency
Does the employer wish to nominate a specific investment manager and/or platform?
Does the employer wish for Sovereign to nominate and appoint a specific investment manager and/or platform?
F. Plan Benefits
Will the plan have a normal retirement age (NRA)?
Plan benefits - The plan will be used to
Vesting period
An entitlement to the accrued value of any employer contributions (at the time specified above) will only arise in the event of the employee having completed
years of service with the Company.
G. Fees
Fees will be paid by the
Trustee fees will be charged on the following basis

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