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  1. European News
    • Former Deutsche Post chief executive convicted of tax evasion
    • HMRC to offer second Offshore Disclosure Facility
    • UK Budget to pile more tax on trusts
  2. USA & Caribbean News
    • G20 urges sanctions against non-cooperative jurisdictions
    • US targets 52,000 hidden UBS accounts
    • US firms head for Switzerland
  3. Far East News
    • Hong Kong and Singapore to adopt OECD transparency
    • Dubai International Financial Centre issues SPC regulations
    • JITSIC makes tax avoidance a key issue
  4. Legal News
    • Gibraltar wins crucial European tax challenge
    • HMRC wins residence appeal in Grace case
    • ECJ rules on charity gifts
  5. Fiscal News
    • Bank secrecy jurisdictions pledge to cooperate on tax data exchange
    • Cyprus is Europe’s most attractive tax regime, survey finds
    • British couple wins CGT refund from Spain
    • Europe tightens VAT net on luxury yacht owners
    • Swiss Canton ends tax breaks for wealthy foreigners
    • Switzerland-UK tax treaty protocol comes into force
  6. Special Report
    • QROPS – The Exportable Pension
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