15 November 2016
Coreen van der Merwe, Sovereign Trust SA

More than ever, South Africans are looking into investing offshore – with protection from the weakening Rand and the need for some buffering against an increasingly unstable economic climate being among the major drawcards. Investing overseas also offers access to investment options and structures that are not available on the domestic market.

However, investing offshore is not without risks and the local investor should avail himself of all the facts before making a decision. As an example, South African investors with offshore assets could find themselves liable for unexpected estate duties in the event that their portfolios are not correctly structured.

When considering an offshore portfolio, it’s crucial to work with a trusted, reputable financial advisor. A good advisor will draw up – and discuss – a long-term investment strategy, explain the pros and cons of the suggested investment structures and how the investment will be made, and also thoroughly investigate the institution that will receive the investment, before making recommendations. Click here to read the full story.

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