Michelle Harrison – Contestant in Mrs. Gibraltar

This summer, Michelle Harrison from the Sovereign Trust team is one of 10 contestants in the Mrs. Gibraltar contest.

The idea for Mrs. Gibraltar came about following a conversation between a group of women who were discussing the issue of not entering the Miss Gibraltar at a certain point in their lives – because they were now married or had children.

Ideal Productions got involved and developed the idea of producing a show for women aged over 25. Not wanting to produce yet another beauty pageant, they came up with the idea of ‘Mrs. Gibraltar’. It would follow on the same lines as ‘Miss Gibraltar’, promoting beauty from within, and showcasing women with strong values and a willingness to share them. It therefore focuses on the positive aspects and lives of twenty-first century women who have busy, fulfilled lives, but recognise that having a career, job, or children, does not define them as women.

The Mrs. Gibraltar contestants help out with a variety of charities, for example raising awareness for mental health. Michelle is involved in fundraising most days, which ranges from meeting the public to fitness classes; Michelle even goes on her lunchbreak where necessary. They adopt the ‘women with a purpose’ ethos, recognising that together we can. Other causes include domestic violence awareness; Cancer Relief Gibraltar and Little Smiles charity. As Michelle says, “we are really busy, but it’s all for great causes and I am pleased to be able to do my bit”.

The Mrs. Gibraltar show will be held on 8 July in the Alameda Gardens. If you would like to support Michelle’s entry, please vote for her here: https://www.idealproductionsgibraltar.com/public-vote, where you can also purchase tickets for the event.

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