Offshore retirement structures offer an array of investment options for SA investors

FANews August 3018

South Africans looking for tax-efficient retirement planning solutions have an array of offshore investment options available to them – but it’s important to choose the right investment vehicles, and to choose reputable financial advisors with a sound track record.

That was the key message to emerge from Sovereign Trust SA’s fifth annual International Retirement Seminar, held in Johannesburg and in Cape Town last week. The seminar brought together a range of experts in the field of offshore retirement planning, including financial advisors and family trust lawyers who counsel clients on international pension planning and pension structures.

Joanne Baynham, director and head of investment strategy at MitonOptimal SA, set the scene for the seminar with an incisive overview of the global economy – which is growing, but slowing, with looming trade wars worrying investors. She believes the table is set for the return of inflation, although still not runaway, and a measure of tightening that will cause volatility and equity market weakness. Worrying for South African investors, she believes that technically, the US Dollar could get stronger

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