Globig – Sep 25, 2017

Today’s hot topic is all about ‘Successfully Doing Business In China’. This is segment #2 of this 3 part series where we’ll explore EMPLOYMENT LAW and HIRING OPTIONS in China.

A lot of companies will hire a sales agency, a sales person, company evangelist, and/or sales engineer before they set up a company in China. Sometimes they do this through a Global Employer of Record or PEO organization, other times its best for them to set up a business entity with a partner. This podcast will evaluate the options and provide insights into the Chinese hiring market
Globig’s podcast guest is Robbert Gorris from Sovereign China Limited.

Originally from the Netherlands, Robbert did his masters thesis in Taipei and ended up working for the Netherlands Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Beijing (BenCham). During his time with BenCham, he was involved in many business delegations visiting China from a diverse range of industries. Robbert now shares his expertise in China for the past 8 years and helps companies expand into China for Sovereign China.

With offices in worldwide, Sovereign China accelerates international clients’ ability to understand and operate in the China market. They’ve successfully assisted more than 600 companies from over 50 countries with their China market entry.

This podcast discussion is focused on the following topics:

  • What are the most important aspects of employment and employment law in China that any company should be aware of?
  • Can and should foreign companies hire locals?
  • Is it advisable to bring over one of their own home country employees as a manager?
  • What are the penalties of non-compliance for employment regulations?
  • How competitive is the recruiting landscape? Do the Chinese like working for foreign companies? How risk tolerant are they of startups?
  • What is the process for finding good employees? Is it best to work with recruiters or are there other culturally relevant ways to hire?
  • What are some cultural differences to keep in mind when hiring? Any employee expectations that are uniquely Chinese?
  • Can a foreign employee repatriate their pay in CN¥ out of China?
  • What are the important things to know about an employment contract?

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