Podcast: Successfully Doing Business In China PART # 3 – Setting Up A Business – Expanding Into China – Vendor Hiring

Globig – Oct 26, 2017

This podcast’s hot topic is all about Successfully Doing Business In China. This is Segment #3 of a 3-part series and we’ll explore Setting Up A Business – Expanding Into China – Vendor Hiring Relationships.

Our guest is Robbert Gorris from Sovereign China Limited.

With offices in Shanghai and Beijing, Sovereign China accelerates international clients’ ability to understand and operate in the China market and has successfully assisted more than 500 companies from over 50 countries with their China market entry.

Covered in this podcast are the following topics:

Setting Up A Business/Expanding Into China

  • What are some of the most important things a company should be aware of if they are considering expanding into China?
  • What options do foreign companies have for setting up a business in China and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • Are some locations in China better than others depending on the type of business?
  • When are companies subject to tax and what kind of tax will they be subject to?
  • What are the general reporting requirements for businesses?

Vendor Hiring Relationships

  • What should companies know about working with service providers in China?
  • How do companies best find reputable and subject matter experts?
  • What are things to look for that are signs of good partners and red flags/warnings?
  • What type of contracts are important for hiring vendors

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