Shelley Wren: “We are dealing with more and more U.S. clients”

The Washington Times – Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Sovereign ( opened its office in Portugal in 1990 specifically to meet the growing demand for fiscal assistance from foreign investors, residents and retirees. As well as assisting with applications under Portugal’s ‘Golden Visa’ (GV) and D7 ‘retirement’ visa programmes, Sovereign offers continued support to clients that require ongoing fiscal representation, wealth management, property taxation and accounting services in Portugal. Last year the GV programme passed some significant landmarks. In September, it approved the 10,000th application and in October it passed 6 billion in total investment raised since its inception in 2012. And while China, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Russia have traditionally provided most applicants, it is the US and the UK now emerging as the fastest growing markets.

“We are dealing with more and more US clients,” said Shelley Wren, Head of Business Development at Sovereign – Consultoria. “During a time of great social and political unrest at home and after almost two years of severe travel restrictions globally, a number of clients we see are looking to make sure they have options with another jurisdiction, to live and provide the family the freedom of travel to Europe.”

“Many countries, including Portugal, were closed to foreigners during the Covid-19 pandemic but remained opened to those who had residency. Americans are appreciating that a second residency gives more flexibility and a Portuguese Golden Visa doesn’t just give access to Portugal, it gives you access to the whole of Europe.”

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