The Vital & Pressing Importance of Robust Wealth & Estate Planning

Hubbis May 21, 2020 – Howard Bilton of Sovereign Group

Howard Bilton, the colourful Chairman and Founder of The Sovereign Group, believes the enforced down time caused by the global Covid-19 hiatus can be used to good effect by Asia’s wealthy and ultra-rich. In a world that has been ever more assiduously regulated, and in which tax authorities will be increasingly hungry for any tax dollar they can mine out, tax-, estate- and succession-planning and forging the right structures are no longer a luxury, they are vital and pressing priorities. A proud Yorkshireman and, for the past threeplus decades, a global citizen and also a producer of wines in Portugal, Bilton’s intense professionalism and his keen wit are, albeit remotely, constantly being applied to help Sovereign’s clients navigate the challenging wealth management waters that lie ahead. He ‘met’ with Hubbis via video link to offer one of his customary deep, meaningful and also engaging discussions.

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