For more information about the changes in South African tax residency status, please download this flyer


The purpose of the Tax Residence Indicator is to assist in determining whether you may be considered to be resident in South Africa for the purposes of Income Tax and / or Capital Gains Tax.

Your residence status in South Africa can only be decided by reference to established facts and circumstances. We can use this tool retrospectively or to predict what your residence status will be in future years. The results given rely on you providing accurate information.

This questionnaire and any related correspondence should not be relied upon as advice. The Tax Residence Indicator is intended to facilitate a preliminary assessment of your tax residency status and identify any existing or potential tax liabilities in South Africa as a result. The earlier these are identified, the sooner they can be evaluated and countermeasures, where necessary, put in place. It is recommended that you obtain formal tax advice in this regard.


Your responses to the questionnaire will be treated as strictly confidential and will be analysed by an independent South African tax professional only for the stated purpose above. The outcome of this analysis will be shared with you in concise form, together with an initial recommendation on the next steps to manage any risks identified.


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