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  • China has the second largest economy in the world
  • The economy is growing 7% annually, and growth expected to be maintained for the near term
  • China has a relatively stable political environment
  • As an emerging market, the transportation and overall infrastructure is well developed
  • An attractive market in regards to size and growth with opportunities in many sectors
  • Global customers may already be in China and require suppliers to have a China presence
  • Increasing income levels and growing middle class creates significant opportunities for consumer goods
  • Still a relatively inexpensive production base for manufacturing and processing goods
  • As the market continues to develop, demand for professional services will increase
  • Companies in encouraged industries can experience favorable tax treatment

Sovereign China equips its clients with the local knowledge they need to understand their market opportunities in China.


Sovereign China works with clients who are focused on establishing a long-term sustainable presence within the market


Sovereign provides its clients with the resources and expertise they require in order to achieve long-term success in China

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